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Subject: comment re Locum Story

Hi.....I don't have any legal connections whatsoever apart from utilising the services of Solicitors, but I've spent the best part of this evening reading the entire 'Locum' case after following the link on [....................... ]. When I finished, I felt I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

Truthfully, much of it I didn't understand but I kept going as the story was like a magnet! When I got to the end I had made my mind up on two things.....that guy Tom Harrison is an A*se and I hope he realises that what goes around comes around, and the other thing was the Law Society and the Ombudsman seem totally useless. Jeez, they sure must have aching backsides from sitting on the fence and not using their initiative. Just what is it they are paid for?

Have to say that I said a great big YESS!! when I read the bit about the bailliffs (are they the same as sheriff officers?) going to your Mum's house and not being able to do anything, as you had the foresight not to use your own address. Really smart move!

Anyway, good luck to you and as I said, I know nothing of law (even if I did, I think the law is diff here in Scotland) but I really found your website entertaining in a very good and clever way and an example to all about how to stand up for ourselves. Also kind of teaches you to realise that you'll certainly lose a few battles on the way to winning the war.

And what a victory for you over successful publication of your website....Well done!

Yvonne, Scotland, 27 March 2009




How odd that 'Mr Resistor' was accused by the Law Society of bringing the legal profession into disrepute, when they have already done such a good job of it themselves! My experience of that mealy-mouthed bunch of self-serving hypocrites concurs entirely with his own, but it was interesting to see that they treat complaints by their own as disingenuously as those by the general public. The contortions that bureaucrats of different stripes exhibit, when trying to cover their arses, would be comical if they didn't spread such misery, but it seems to be an unfortunate fact of life.

I think 'Mr Resistor' has done quite the opposite of bringing the legal profession into disrepute, by showing that there are in fact some solicitors in existence who possess some integrity, though the only one I know who does, left the profession as his nerves couldn't take it any more. Every dealing I have had with a solicitor without exception has left a bad taste in the mouth and a large hole in the pocket!

JB, Lancaster, 30 September 2013

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